About Us & Our Communities

Browse through our communities to find a location and a home that best suit your needs. Simply scroll down, select a community, and navigate through the interactive map to find an available home. You can choose from brand new 2, 3, and 4 bedroom options, many with monthly payments as low as $550! Regardless of where you live and which community you choose, expect the same theme — clean, safe, family friendly, and affordable!


With the current status of the housing market in our country, it can feel near impossible to purchase a home. It can especially difficult with the demanding requirements that lenders are asking for and the lengthy process that accompanies it.


We believe that home ownership should be accessible and affordable to all people in all parts of the country. This is why we said — TIME OUT — and set out to disrupt the process and make home buying feasible again. We are making this process easier, and have also taken into consideration what it takes to call a place home. We have studied the industry and understand what people care about most when it comes to finding the perfect home. It is all about the community — friendly neighbors, clean communities, well-lit freshly paved roadways, maintained landscaping, and much more! This is why we have renovated existing communities and created new ones to meet these standards. We is constantly working to provide a foundation to what only you, and your family, can turn into a home!

Call (954) 947-8940 for more information. You can also visit our Facebook page or tap on the chat icon in the bottom right to reach someone immediatley.

Time Out Communities, LLC